Straight erotica—Namio Harukawa

11th May 2011, 9:53 am

Hey Guys—I’m always attuned to any mention of Tom or erotic art in general whilst snuffling through various media platforms. It’s just second nature to get inklings of how our specialty is perceived beyond the confines of our august community.  We’re pretty knowledgeable about the field and Tom’s contribution in particular but I think it’s interesting to see how Tom’s oeuvre is translated in the “outside” world. Recently I was perusing DANGEROUS MINDS and although the site focuses mainly on music, they have pieces on various other cultural and political features as well. I found this article about a truly remarkable erotic artist from Japan and a Tom reference. I thought I’d share it with the folks here soooo….

I’m pretty excited to know that there are so many people worldwide that know who Tom is and how his art has permeated the social consciousness. Also, I just gotta say that it is a pleasure to be introduced to an artist I’ve never heard of before, especially one with a truly unique style, one that is totally at odds with the trite, patriarchal and misogynistic attitude common in so many “straight” illustrations…Later, Michael

Published: 11th May 2011

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