“Such Delicate Tenderness” | 24th November | TOM House

7th November 2019, 4:45 pm


Pink Boys 37, 2019, Watercolor and fountain pen on paper,  12″ x 7.5″

“I want to create drawings and tapestries with the male nude, to strengthen and deepen my vision within my erotic art, inspired by being in a new surrounding.”



Bas Kosters

Wholesome Penis, 2019, Watercolor, gouache and fountain pen on cardboard, 9″ x 10.5″


On view by appointment through 22nd December
+1 213 250 1685

Installation by Alyssa Martin

Opening Reception 2-6p

-Live Performance by Sob Sister
-DJ set by Marilyn




“I created a series of drawings and tapestries, to strengthen and deepen my vision within my erotic art, fed by my personal experiences in Los Angeles,” Kosters says. “If with this, I can contribute to people developing personally and sexually, that would be a great outcome.”

All of Kosters’ work brings out optimistic and childlike themes meshed with arousal and devotion. Kosters exclaims his own work to be “outspoken” and “erotic.” Kosters’ visit at the TOM House has really been an extraordinary experience, as he appreciates the rich history of the foundation along with its art-stimulating energy.

“The title reflects on the stigma that sexuality has in our western world, which seems to become more prudish every day. Sexuality can be emotional, spiritual and transcendental, not just dirty, offensive or naughty.”

“I tried to touch all the things in my erotic universe that please, inspire, alarm or excite me. I also tried to answer the question where my interest in the erotic art comes from; I realized it is a deeply rooted fascination; that is simply part of my whole emotional, personal and professional being.”

“In past times Homosexuals had various very soft nicknames marking them as feminine, while Gays nowadays might focus a lot on masculinity themselves. With my projects I strive to embody fluidity, softness and playfulness, instead of thinking too much in stereotypes. Let’s get tender!”

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Published: 7th November 2019

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