Support Pete Finland in his fight with cancer

7th August 2022, 4:00 am


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Dear Friends,

Durk Dehner, Cofounder of Tom of Finland Foundation, here, and Pete’s loyal friends want you to know:

Pete Finland needs our community’s help. For decades Pete has been an integral member of the Leather community; since 1999, he has been an ambassador for Tom of Finland Foundation. He has given us countless hours of pleasure as an adult film star. He became “Barber Pete,” providing hundreds of men worldwide with a sexy hot new look.

Now is the time for our community to step up and help Pete beat this medical emergency. Pete was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer and is commencing thirteen weeks of five-day-a-week chemo/radiation therapy. The survival rate with treatment is 60-80%. There is another option if the chemo/radiation therapy does not entirely irradicate the tumor. That operation would remove part of his stomach, leaving Pete permanently disabled. He will not be able to work until well after the treatments are completed. There is a real possibility that Pete will have to endure the suffering from vomiting, weight loss, severe burns on his abdomen and groin areas, with temporary complete hair loss.

Pete has had to wait three months to be approved for treatment, during which time his tumor has quadrupled in size, from 3 cm. to 13 cm. He has gone through his savings yet is still reluctant to ask for help, as Finns tend to be private about their problems, being very proud and self-reliant people. The bottom line is that he has no income source to pay for his monthly expenses, such as medicines and certain treatments, rent, car payments, insurance, and gas, which gets him to and from his doctors and treatments. Then, of course, there is food that requires that he eats as healthy as possible to aid his body in fighting the disease.

Pete is in such a situation that he needs all our support. Our Queer and Leather communities have a history of coming to the assistance of our own; we need to take the financial burden off his shoulders so he can focus on just beating this disease and having a full recovery.

Beyond his tough exterior, he is a gentle soul, a loving friend and always generous with his laughter. He is deserving of our help, encouragement and love. His journey of more than three decades in this country has been filled with opportunities and success in his goals and dreams. Now, through his friends, family, clients and countless admirers, Pete can kick cancer in the butt and return to being the man we all cherish.

Join us in supporting Pete – with as much as you can – and make a statement of gratitude towards the man who has been a friend, a role model and an inspiration to all of us.



All proceeds of this fundraiser go directly to support medical and living expenses.


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Published: 7th August 2022


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