Talk on Tom of Finland and Antonio Lopez | 7th September | London

26th July 2013, 1:22 pm

Exhibition: Keep Your Timber Limber (Works on Paper)

Keeping you nice and limber… all in the best possible taste!
If this fantastic exhibit doesn’t fill you up, then you’ll be pleased to find out that the ICA are holding a series of talks to coincide with the show, including Sex and Stereotypes on 22 August, and From Style to Substance: Tom of Finland and Antonio Lopez, 7 September.


The Institute of Contemporary Art in London delivers yet again with this frankly stunning show Keep Your Timber Limber (Works on Paper), dedicated to nothing less then cock! This being a subject close to the hearts of the GT team, we feel it is our duty to tell you about it.
Unapologetic of its content, an enormous phallus greets you, blasting propaganda across its shaft as you walk in. This gives you an idea of what is to come throughout the show. Keeping the rhythm going, you are led through some rather queer-tastic imagery, to some mind-blowing American classic images, with a fresh twist by the artist Margate Harrison… think Captain America in drag and Dolly Parton mixing with A Clockwork Orange and you’ll get the idea.
If a star-studded show is not enough for you, then maybe you’ll get your fill from the cum-packed drawings by Cary Kwok, taking a prolonged look at the cum face in all it’s glory; it’s educational porn! And what queer-based art extravaganza would be complete without a blast from the legendary Tom of Finland? And for this, the ICA does not disappoint, with a whole room dedicated to the guy!
The show runs until 8 September, so there’s plenty of time left! For more information on this show and the rest of what’s on at the ICA, click here.
logo_smallWords: Pete May
Photos: Copyright Tom of Finland Foundation

Published: 26th July 2013

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