The homoerotic works of Tom of Finland are exhibited in Pantin

14th May 2022, 5:00 am


From 8th May to 26th June, The Community Center in Pantin, in the suburbs close to Paris, plays host to the group exhibition AllTogether. This one includes a lot of artworks, both known and unknown, from Tom of Finland Foundation.



If there was only one artistic event to go and during Pride Month, Pantin is the place to go. Through 26th June, 2022, The Community Center space – located at 9 rue Méhul – offers  AllTogether, a group exhibition organized in close collaboration with Tom of Finland Foundation. Since the 1980s, the latter has listed a lot of works by LGBTQI+ artists whose work is in line with the homoerotic style of the famous Tom of Finland. This is the first time that a collection has been presented outside of Los Angeles.

Divided into four sections, the exhibition includes both artwork by Tom of Finland himself – fans will easily recognize his pencil stroke – and other pieces created by other artists. We are greeted by artists from all over the world, like Annie Sprinkle, Florian Hetz, Don Bachardy or even the great John Waters. Despite their divergent styles, the paintings, drawings, sculptures and sketches included in the exhibition offer a dissection of the male body through an erotic prism. Which is itself the obvious through-line of the various works of Tom of Finland throughout his career.








About the Exhibition Artists Venice Paris Catalogue Press About the Exhibition On the occasion of Tom of Finland’s birthday (8th May), Tom of Finland Foundation and The Community have curated a group exhibition, supported by Diesel, presenting Tom of Finland Foundation’s permanent collection. AllTogether explores the erotic art collection consisting of thousands of artworks, spanning… View Article
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Published: 14th May 2022

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