This is Amit on his collaboration with Homoco and Tom of Finland

17th March 2021, 9:55 pm

The artist Amit Greenberg discusses their three-way collaboration

How did the three-way collaboration between Homoco, Tom of Finland Foundation and you came about? This collaboration celebrates Tom’s art and legacy on his centennial birthday. Homoco founder Daniel DuGoff invited me to take on the creative challenge of creating art and developing a collection that reconciles Homoco’s mission as a brand for all queer people with Tom of Finland’s uniquely masculine world. I was honored to partake in this project, and the journey has been incredible.

As for the outcome of the collaboration itself, I visited Tom of Finland Foundation in LA. While exploring, I discovered some rare gems in the archive that inspired a full concept in my head. It started with a series of illustrations of “casual encounters” between working men that I haven’t seen before. Then, I found sketches of Michelangelo’s David drawn by Tom in his unique aesthetic. His sculpture study immediately brought to mind my latest exploration of classical eroticism.

It was important for me to create an experience beyond a printed fabric. I wanted to bring some of Tom’s fantasy to life, so I conceptualized a fictional restoration and construction company, “Tom’s Full Service” which imagines the men from Tom’s illustrations as a team of construction workers, restoring classical-style statues. “Tom’s Full Service” construction company even has a working telephone number (929-300-3269) featuring a rare audio recording that I found in the archive.

Photography by Matthew Goli and Abi Benitez

What is the legacy of ToF in 2021? The ToF legacy in 2021 has evolved and shifted the narrative from the idea of pure musicality into a more inclusive mindset, capturing the rise in consciousness we are experiencing in our community toward acceptance to all. In the collection, we have highlighted this new perspective by introducing Tom’s world to sculptures of queer figures in classical style, placing Tom’s Full-Service workers in a position to attend, examine, and admire the diversity of bodies.

Photography by Matthew Goli and Abi Benitez

What have you learned from the life and work of Tom of Finland? I realized that Tom’s work isn’t just erotic art; it is revolutionary for being one of the first moments since the Renaissance that men depicted in art as a sexualized object of desire and celebrated for its shape and form.

Photography by Matthew Goli and Abi Benitez

What is one saying to the world by wearing these pieces? Hopefully that they celebrate their beautiful selves in the items we created.








A capsule collection celebrating Tom of Finland’s 100th birthday The Brooklyn-based brand Homoco created by queer designer Daniel DuGoff recently released their three-way collaboration between the brand, the artist Amit Greenberg ‘This Is Amit’ and Tom of Finland Foundation in celebration of the Tom of Finland’s centennial birthday #TOMs100. When we heard about the trio,… View Article

Published: 17th March 2021

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