Tom of Finland 101: Final Chapter

6th November 2021, 7:33 pm


Once he accepted, however reluctantly, the approach of his own death, Tom became even more attuned to the world of the spirit, an element he had always sensed to be an important part of his life.



“Whenever I was depressed or disgusted, I would feel him, this spirit inside, urging me back to living, back to drawing. I believe there is a lot to the world that can’t be seen or touched, and if you turn away from all that—especially if you are an artist—you are avoiding an important part of life, maybe the very heart of it.”


Tom of Finland 101: Chapter Thirteen Quiz

  Beginning with the exhibitions of his work in the ’70s, gradually things changed. With each succeeding exhibit, the venue slowly but surely improved, going from the back room of a porno shop, to the back room of a used boot store, to small but classy galleries, to large and elegant galleries. By the ’90s,… View Article

“TOM OF FINLAND: The Official Life and Work of a Gay Hero” releases

  Avant-garde, provocative, subversive and rebellious – Tom of Finland stamped history with his recognizable artistic style. A virtuoso of drawing, he fashioned the silhouette of a new Gay man – strong, confident, joyful and assertive – fully participating in the visibility and recognition of the nascent Homosexual movement. With text authorized by the artist… View Article

Published: 6th November 2021

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