Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival celebrates erotic expression

11th October 2022, 6:00 am


TOM OF FINLAND, Untitled (#75.12)


For the uninitiated, the subculture surrounding legendary erotic artist Tom of Finland could appear intimidating. There are lots of big bulges and muscle-bound leathermen, tough-looking bikers and overt depictions of Gay sex, so candid and unapologetic between all the fisting, masculine bravado and cop outfits within his work.

If you take the opportunity to look a little closer and approach his drawings with an open mind, you’ll notice that they’re actually deeply persuasive and nuanced depictions of intimacy and pleasure. The works contain still-relevant commentary on societal censorship and the empowerment of queer identity, not to mention the politics and power dynamics attached to human sexuality as a whole.

So by the end, you’ll realize there’s nothing alienating or daunting about these images nor the community they represent. And the best display of this? Probably the annual Tom of Finland Arts and Culture Festival, which took place this past weekend.






Tom of Finland Art & Culture Fair 2022

Tom of Finland Foundation presents the 27th Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival Tom Unites 8th & 9th October 2022 LOS ANGELES: Second Home Hollywood, 1370 North Saint Andrews Place, Los Angeles, California 90028 Limited paid parking is available on site. Due to limited spaces, rideshare services and public transportation is highly recommended. Second… View Article

Published: 11th October 2022

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