Tom of Finland Documentary by Mies Mikkonen

6th December 2011, 12:39 pm

Tom of Finland died in Helsinki in 1991 but was actually born in the region of Turku, Finland. Mies Mikkonen’s film documents the triumphant return of the permanent collection to Turku including some of Tom’s most iconic and rarely seen artwork.


“I gave him companionship and confidentiality.”

Tom of Finland
Finland-GB-USA 2011
Duration 10 minutes

Direction and screenplay Mies Mikkonen

TOM OF FINLAND, © 1957 Tom of Finland Foundation





Produced in partnership with Turku 2011 Foundation, Homotopia and Tom of Finland Foundation






We are proud of Mies and the work he has done.
Turku has produced a wealth of talent and is made remarkable by its people.

Published: 6th December 2011

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