Tom of Finland: party and movie | 6th August | Prague

2nd August 2020, 9:07 pm



Honored Officer Touko Laaksonen returns from World War II and very quickly discovers that life in a time of peace in Finland is disturbing him. Helsinki is imbued with homophobia and all men are forced to marry and have children. Touko finds refuge in his own artwork, which begins to specialize in stylized homoerotic drawings of muscular men. Laaksonen’s work with the famous signature “Tom of Finland” became the emblem of a whole generation of men and Tom helped ignite the flames of the gay revolution.

Language: in English with Czech subtitles

17:00 -21:00 DJ Castepp
21:30 Summer cinema: Tom of Finland

DRESS CODE: Mustache
Pop-up bar: Special cocktails with Tom of Finland vodka | Premier Wines & Spirits and special photo wall

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Published: 2nd August 2020


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