Tom of Finland teams up with Carne Bollente for an intimate collection

15th March 2023, 1:21 pm


Photo by Mathieu Teissier


On numerous occasions, we have referred to or alluded to the saying that “second parts were never good”. In terms of fashion, this is not true, as sometimes they are, and very often much better. Working with someone for a second time means that everything went well the first, and the best thing about repeating is that both parties already know what the other team is like, so in theory there won’t be the nerves of the unknown, and it will be even more rewarding. This is exactly what has happened to the components of the capsule collection we’re here to talk about today: Tom of Finland and Carne Bollente.

Jointly they have created a line based on various drawings and paintings from Tom of Finland’s artistic career, integrating them with the iconic embroideries and prints of the Parisian brand Carne Bollente. This special collaboration not only reflects the desire to introduce the artist to new generations but also to highlight the humorous side of his work, a hidden side less known to the public, as Tom is mainly known for defending sex-positivity and fighting for LGBTQI+ rights. The artist and activist not only affirmed his own Gay sexual identity but gave it glamour at a time when many had internalized homophobia and sexual guilt.


Published: 15th March 2023

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