TOM’s Bar 2023 Headliner Robert Alfons of TR/ST

9th June 2023, 1:27 pm


PHOTO: Andrea Gonar


Get ready to put on your dancing boots!  TOM’s Bar 2023 headliner Robert Alfons of TR/ST is sure to get you moving!

Robert Alfons is the singer, songwriter and record producer of TR/ST from Winnipeg, Canada. TR/ST combines sparkling synth pop and grimy industrial beats into expansive songs filled with longing, lust, and despair. Alfons let more lightand dance influencesinto 2014’s “Joyland” and balanced both sides of his music on 2019’s two-part album “The Destroyer”. Alfons’ voice, which has been described as “soul-piercing”, “sluggish” and having a “slithering, grimy quality”, delivers compelling electronic pop with a surprising streak of humanity.

Come see Robert Alfons perform at TOM’s Bar on Sunday 18th June from 2-10p.


TOM’s Bar 2023

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Published: 9th June 2023

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