Virtual tour of “Made in Germany”

29th December 2020, 5:16 pm




Former Creative Director of Bruno Gmünder Books, Mischa Gawronski, joins Stonewall Executive Director Hunter O’Hanian for this virtual tour of the exhibition.

Tom of Fin­land is a gay icon. His draw­ings of well-built men in rugged attire and his depic­tions of man-to-man lust, shaped a strong image of gay identity. He drew males hav­ing sex with­out shame, proud and full of confi­dence. Tom of Fin­land is the artist’s name of Touko Laakso­nen (1920—1991). He signed his erotic work “Tom” and when his draw­ings were first pub­lished in 1957, the now world-famous “Tom of Fin­land” was born.

Artist, writer, and editor Gawronski is responsible for producing dozens of books on gay art. He is the cofounder of Independent Gay Projects in Berlin.


“TOM OF FINLAND Made in Germany”

12th Sep 2020 – 19th Dec 2020 @ 11:00 am – 6:00 pm –       UPDATE 14th DECEMBER: The gallery has had to close for the next COVID lockdown in Germany (five days before the exhibition was scheduled to end). Even still, a record breaking number were able to visit during the run. You are invited to purchase a catalogue (below) as a way to view this […]

1976, 2020 – Tom back in Germany

Ris­ing to fame under the pseudonym Tom of Fin­land, Touko Laakso­nen (1920—1991) is per­haps the most famous and influ­en­tial Finnish artist of the 20th century. His iconic depic­tion of proud and life-affirm­ing gay­ness pro­vided deci­sive impulses for the interna­tional gay move­ments from the 1960s onwards. But although we instinc­tively asso­ciate his sensu­ous por­tray­als of self-confi­dent… View Article

Published: 29th December 2020

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