We Are Spastor x Tom of Finland

15th November 2023, 11:54 am



15 years since its last show, We Are Spastor presented its latest collection made in collaboration with Tom of Finland last Friday.


Tom of Finland was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and remains so today. Both for the extraordinary quality of his drawings and for his definition of masculinity and homosexuality in modern society. Someone who changed Queer culture with his subversive, proud and joyful expression of sexuality that allowed him to become a powerful cultural force in the 1980s and is still relevant today.

“We love working with We Are Spastor and have always valued the support they have given to the Tom of Finland Foundation. Thank you for the aura of elegance with which you have surrounded Tom’s work and for using such a sumptuous color palette.” – says Durk Dehner, president and co-founder of Tom of Finland Foundation

After an exhaustive process of documentation and inspiration, the designers showed their fifth collaboration with the Foundation. The result was presented in an exhibition format in a photography studio in Madrid.



Published: 15th November 2023

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