What car would TOM drive?

7th April 2014, 11:54 am

60-Second Car Review:
2014 Chevrolet SS, What Tom of Finland Would Drive


If you like muscles, and you like cars, well, we’re gonna get along great. And we’d both probably agree that the big brute Chevrolet SS sport sedan is a decadent delight.

It’s Chevy’s flagship car, with rear-wheel drive, polished wheels, fat tires and a big stonkin’ V-8 with a delicious exhaust rumble that hearkens back to the olden days of American car glory.

But this isn’t like your dad’s old Caprice Classic. This is more of a badass, like a Dodge Charger SRT-8 without the obnoxiousness. It’s also a relative bargain, at just $45,770, and it’s fully loaded. Everything from supportive sport seats, leather and faux suede upholstery to a whomping sound system is standard.

There are no options other than color, with a palette that ranges from subtle—sage green, silver or white, for you stealth speeders—to aggressive—red—to dapper—jet black or, as I like to think of it, Tom of Finland’s choice.

Ah, there’s an image I’ll go to bed with tonight.


By Steve SilerF-LA-Web-Interior-logo

Published: 7th April 2014


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