Diesel readies Pride 2023 collection with Tom of Finland Foundation

23rd June 2023, 6:24 am


PHOTO: Luke Abby | LOCATION: TOM House


In celebration of Pride Month, Glenn Martens’ Diesel has joined forces with Tom of Finland Foundation for an expansive capsule collection, for the second consecutive year. This time around, the crossover range celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community with a bevy of Tom of Finland’s signature hyper-masculinized illustrations, as well as fresh works from Tom of Finland’s erotic and queer art collective.

Artists, including Stanley Stellar, Michael Mitchell and Tom of Finland, spotlight Gay men in moments of “unabashed freedom and joy” across photography, drawings and various other mediums. Their work, curated by The Community, a multi-disciplinary, new-generation art institute in Paris, appears printed and patchworked across the collection’s 17 pieces, spanning T-shirts and tank tops to denim pants and jockstraps.

Among the standouts, Stellar’s images of Gay men in the West Village, taken in 1980, land on T-shirts, shirts and denim alike, while a pair of five-pocket pants feature his famous photograph of a Gay couple wearing T-shirts reading “His” and “His Also.” Meanwhile, Mitchell’s erotic, pin-up-like illustrations appear printed on cotton patches for hoodies, and Tom of Finland’s Day & Night portraits are applied to T-shirts, tanks, shorts, a cap and a jockstrap.

Alongside the Pride 2023 collection, Diesel, in partnership with The Community and Tom of Finland Foundation, will open The AllTogether Clubhouse, a group exhibition and daily event program in New York City’s West Village. Open from 21st-25th June, the space will house works from artists including Tom of Finland, Target Studios, Arthur Tress and Pet Silvia at 9 West 8th Street.

Additionally, the Clubhouse will exhibit historical artifacts from famous NYC scenes, including Stompers and the Piers, alongside publishing, like S.T.H. (Straight to Hell), a Gay non-fiction zine established by Boyd McDonald in 1973. For more information on programming, head to The AllTogether Clubhouse’s official page.








“The AllTogether Clubhouse”

21st Jun 2023 – 25th Jun 2023 @ All Day – MAP Wednesday, 21st June, 6:30 – 9:30p Thursday, 22nd June, Noon – 3:00p Friday, 23rd June, Noon – 10:00p Saturday, 24th June, Noon – 9:00p Sunday, 25th June, Noon – 8:00p   OPENING RSVP   A homecoming show celebrating the history of queer culture in New York, from nightlife and the erotic arts to uncompromising […]

Published: 23rd June 2023

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