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19th July 2021, 2:00 pm



Since May, 1987, The Leather Journal has been bringing news to the Leather community in print. The first issue was a quarterly, and within a couple years advanced to bimonthly, and then to a monthly newspaper. The Leather Journal has been honored and blessed in so many ways and has accomplished iron-man records in LGBTQ publishing. When it hasn’t always been easy, we have withstood every challenge. began in 1996 and has expanded and stayed alive during the pandemic.

For many, the print and online versions of The Leather Journal are the only available sources of community information.

The Leather Journal is celebrating 34 years and is now the longest continuously-running Leather publication in history.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the print version has been down since last spring. In that time, without incoming revenue, we have accrued a large sum of debt. We are resuming publication in July and need to rebuild our advertising base since a good number of our advertisers did not make it out of the pandemic. We are reaching out for support so we can return to reporting news to the Leather community.

I am asking you to give from your heart. Remember the first time you saw your photo and/or name in The Leather Journal or on and how proud you felt? Most likely, you were thrilled and shared it with friends. Perhaps you won a title or became a club officer and others learned of your accomplishments reading The Leather Journal. Perhaps you discovered the Leather community through reading the pages of The Leather Journal.

Please help ensure the newer folk in the Leather community can share this experience. To help The Leather Journal to resume publication and keep going, I ask you to first give, then implore your friends to help by posting and sharing this urgent request.

A sincere thank you to all. We have been blessed with the support we have received over the years and are thankful to those who can assist now.


Dave Rhodes

Publisher and Editor
The Leather Journal

The Leather Journal has been a vital part of our culture by documenting our Leather history for over 30 years. It is so very important we do what we can to keep this going. Please donate what you can, even if it’s $5, because every little bit helps.


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