On Representation, Identity, And Change:

20th February 2021, 6:09 pm

How 20 Photographers Are Reckoning
With LGBTQ+ History Month

As we’ve seen on the world stage, demonising the identity of marginalised groups can exacerbate their social statuses. Now, take heed: Vogue speaks to a brilliant wave of photographers who are shining a light on queerness through their work.

LGBTQ+ History Month is a great example: established in the US back in 1994, the UK didn’t join in until 11 years later in 2005. What’s striking about this is that it took centuries of work to give queer folk the chance to celebrate their joys and identity, as their beliefs are often seen as threatening.

Fast forward two decades from the founding of LGBTQ+ History Month, every single development helps us move forward, and the people at the forefront of change—whether queer or not—too should be acknowledged. Here to shed light on this issue is a brilliant generation of photographers, who caught up with Vogue to explore the depths of queer identity by way of art, literature, and photography, presenting an alternative view of queerness that is synonymous with the dynamic spirit of its community. Thankfully, they’re as real as they can get.

Pleasure Park (series) Featuring River Wilson, Joey Mills and Sean Ford Tom of Finland Foundation, Los Angeles, 2019 © Matt Lambert

“The normalization of queer intimacy in image-making is political in and of itself.”








“TOM OF FINLAND Pleasure Park” by Matt Lambert

  The cast includes Sean Ford, Joey Mills, Angel Rivera, River Wilson and Tannor Reed with a live music performance by Taco Guillen of Scum and several of its East LA Latinx members.            Premiers 13th March Watch On Tom of Finland X MEN.com

Published: 20th February 2021

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