Happy 45th to our closest friends!

21st February 2021, 12:00 pm


In 1971, homosexuality was decriminalized in Finland. Three years later, Seta (the umbrella organization for sexual equality in Finland) was founded, and two years later, our club. Because of this, MSC Finland – TOM’s Club is the second oldest sexual minority organization in Finland.

“Especially in the first years, [MSC Finland – TOM’s Club] meetings were small. Traditional crayfish parties, evening get-togethers and such formed a base for members to chat and get to know each other. Long-lasting friendships were formed. An important character repeatedly surfaced in memories is Tom (born Touko Laaksonen). While younger members often lost their energy in the course of the night, Tom had the energy to party until the early morning. He convinced many of his international friends to pick up an interest in Finland, and eventually come over.”

-From MSC Finland – TOM’s Club – Forty Years of History by Antti Kauppinen

“The one ongoing project Tom continued to do was for the covers of Prätkäposti (“Bike Mail”), a small-format periodical put out by the Finnish motorcycle club (MSC Finland), of which he was an early member. These he did as a hobby, for the sheer pleasure of it. His closest and most loyal friends were almost all members of the Club. The drawings, which he had done for years, consisted of simple ink cartoons about 15 centimeters square. They portray, in dozens of whimsical ways, the joys of motorcycles and their leather-clad riders.”

-From The Official Life and Work of a Gay Hero by F. Valentine Hooven III


“TOM OF FINLAND: The Official Life and Work of a Gay Hero” releases

  Avant-garde, provocative, subversive and rebellious – Tom of Finland stamped history with his recognizable artistic style. A virtuoso of drawing, he fashioned the silhouette of a new Gay man – strong, confident, joyful and assertive – fully participating in the visibility and recognition of the nascent Homosexual movement. With text authorized by the artist… View Article

Tom of Finland made iconic drawings in an apartment on Tehtaankatu – Now a plaque is being installed on the wall of the house with the support of the fetish community

  On Saturday 22nd August, the internationally renowned artist Tom of Finland (born Touko Laaksonen, 1920–1991) will receive a plaque on the wall of his former home in Ullanlinna, Helsinki. There will be an exhibition over the weekend of Tom of Finland’s posters he made for the Finlandization Festival in the late 1980s.

MSC Finland – TOM’s Club’s 45th anniversary exhibition

  The exhibition, Älä saapastele onnesi ohi!, features original works by Tom of Finland and Leekku for Prätkäposti, among others. With Tom of Finland, Finnish fetish culture has become part of the international visual arts world. When talking about Tom of Finland’s production, the own narrative of the minority in the pictures is often forgotten, consciously… View Article


Published: 21st February 2021

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