Some of L.A.’s Most Beloved Institutions Are Threatened with Extinction

27th July 2020, 11:32 am


Small businesses are the soul of the city, but many are struggling to survive the pandemic


Tom of Finland Foundation

Est. 1984

Photograph by Eric Axene


Durk Dehner, President and Cofounder

We’re a nonprofit educational foundation with a mission to preserve and promote the erotic arts. Tom’s work is really the main vehicle. Tom of Finland, the artist, has definitely contributed to the whole acceptance that Gay love is good. He moved to California in 1980, and we became partners. He’s been gone for 29 years, but he has stayed vibrant and very much alive in my heart and in the hearts of fans all over the world. TOM House is a very magical place.

I feel like we’re in this amazing amusement park, and it’s all shut down. We have a huge permanent art collection of several thousand artists, we do a yearly art fair, and we have an artist-in-residence program. Because of restrictions, we can’t have our volunteers here cataloging material. We can’t provide tours because people live here, and we’re trying to protect their health.

We’re used to having to tighten our cinches, but we’re going to have to start laying people off and reducing our programming and go down to a more spartan level.




As we all face these unprecedented times, everyone here at TOM’s Foundation hopes you are doing well and are safe. If you can at this time, please consider giving us your support -DD

We love and are honored

WE HAVE A CHALLENGE! Curtis L. Scribner, who has been a member of TOM’s Foundation for TWENTY-ONE YEARS, has pledged to match the goal of $5,300. That means we can raise over 10K with this campaign! Please, if you haven’t already, consider inviting your friends to donate to this cause. You can donate directly to… View Article

Dear Friends and Family,

As we all face these unprecedented times, everyone here at Tom of Finland Foundation hopes you are doing well and are safe. We want to take a moment and send a special, heartfelt THANK YOU to members who have recently renewed their Memberships. With everything going on we understand that people are struggling. So recent… View Article

Published: 27th July 2020

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