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29th July 2020, 9:30 pm


Curtis L. Scribner, who has been a member of TOM’s Foundation for TWENTY-ONE YEARS, has pledged to match the goal of $5,300.
That means we can raise over 10K with this campaign!

Please, if you haven’t already, consider inviting your friends to donate to this cause.
You can donate directly to the Foundation, or via Facebook – see details at the bottom of this page.

We will announce the final dollar amount we have raised (with everyone’s help!) at the end of this month.
Curtis wants a new roof on TOM House – let’s make it happen!


TOM OF FINLAND Untitled (detail), 1989, Graphite on paper, ©1989 Tom of Finland Foundation

Thank you for the generosity that you have shown us following the Los Angeles Magazine piece. Thank you so much for donating and sharing! 

Despite the hardships we have faced this year, we remain committed to presenting and preserving erotic art. Art still plays a vital role in the massive change we face today and Tom of Finland Foundation will continue to find ways for it to be viewed and appreciated, free from judgment.

In 1978, Tom of Finland made his first trip to Los Angeles, where he would end up establishing Tom of Finland Company with his partner, muse, and close friend Durk Dehner, in order to fight rampant copyright infringement. That company initiated the nonprofit Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF), which to this day retains headquarters in an Echo Park Craftsman house. TOM House continues to be an important community hub, archive, and home to Durk and Sharp, along with our staff. This year would have been Tom’s 100th birthday, making 2020 #TOMs100.

In a world facing COVID-19, we have had to make hard choices. In-person volunteers are no longer possible, revenue is down dramatically, and many important projects are stalled due to event cancellations. Our staff is moving quickly to bring House tours and erotic art online for our members and friends worldwide. Art plays a crucial role in a changing world, allowing us to continue communicating and sharing with one another in new ways. We are committed to presenting and preserving erotic art, so that despite the massive change we face, it can be viewed and appreciated, free from judgment.

Photograph of TOM House ©Martyn Thompson from TOM House: Tom of Finland in Los Angeles by Rizzoli


For this campaign #TOMHouseForever, we are asking that you support TOM’s Foundation in the following crucial efforts:

  • A Roof over TOM House: Our roof needs replacing, as well as exterior sanding, exterior prime coat, as well as applying final exterior coat. We look forward to the time we can open TOM House to the public again, and we want her to be protected and looking her absolute best!

  • Off-Site Storage: There is so much more erotic art to be shared. We currently house an archive that is ever expanding, with vastly less room than our current facility can hold. 

  • Donating for a new Data Management System: Part of preserving Tom’s legacy and the legacy of other erotic artists is documenting, cataloging and archiving. We are in need of a new data management system for that process.




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Threatened by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, the temple erected to the glory of the Finnish pope of homoeroticism is in financial difficulty. To get through the crisis, the Foundation will have to lay off staff and reduce its ambitions.

TOM House receives loving care from loving friends

    Tom’s Foundation is very appreciative to all that have donated to this fund. The first monies raised have gone to sanding and priming a third of the exterior of TOM House.   Donors Brigadier General: Eagle LA Jim Neuman California B& B Will Hildreth Jon Wright, Esq Jeff Schoonover Commanding Officer Dan Parente… View Article

Blown away…

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Published: 29th July 2020

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