Thank you, all, for your donations to Tom’s Foundation via the CharityBuzz auction

4th September 2021, 9:46 pm


“Here at the Michael Kirwan Memorial Archive(s) & Bathhouse, we like to drink and enjoy art while drinking. Newest edition to the bar walls is an original, signed portrait by photographer Noel Dahl titled Reading with Tom.”


“He created the image for the Tom of Finland 101st Birthday Photo Competition (he was the popular Audience Winner). Photo shoot was inspired by a 1987 untitled drawing by TOM. The original, framed photo by Noel was offered in a charity auction supporting Tom of Finland Foundation.

It is, now, well hung in great company with original works by Michael Kirwan, Ed Cervone, Félix d’Eon, Benoit Prévot and Michael Godard as well as prints by Raymond Paynet and Disney Legend Marc Davis. Enjoy a toast to gay, erotic art!”

We so appreciate everyone who participated in this contest and charity auction. Especially to those that have given a home to these inspired(!) photographs.


Tom of Finland 101: Photography Finals

  What has Tom taught us? That we could be anything we want to be. He gave us a whole new vocabulary of what we could be. His life was a lesson in being the consummate Homosexual.   PRERATORY DRAWING AND PHOTOGRAPH OF AARNO BY TOM OF FINLAND ON VIEW IN THE DARKROOM AT FOTOGRAFISKA… View Article


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Published: 4th September 2021

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