Tom of Finland 101: Chapter Five Quiz

1st May 2021, 6:29 pm


In an event emblematic of the new Helsinki, the last of the bomb damage on the waterfront was replaced by a luxury hotel. It was rushed to completion so that it would be ready in time for the hordes of tourists expected for the 1952 Olympics. An elegant restaurant and bar opened on the second floor. Tom was hired to play the piano for the patrons while they ate and drank and admired the view.

He would listen to a group of customers to discern what language they were speaking and then launch into songs from their homeland. It worked wonders for his tips. The clientele, though basically heterosexual, was friendly, the management easygoing, and the location was perfect from Tom’s point of view. His favorite cruising circuit passed right by the front entrance of the hotel.

Around midnight, while playing his last Cole Porter medley, without leaving his piano bench he could look down into the street and check out whether the rest of the evening was going to be lively or not.

The La Vista Grill in the Palace Hotel became Tom’s second home.
He played the piano there for a number of years and of all the places he worked, he liked this one best.

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