What are YOU doing for Tom’s birthday #TomOfFinland101 this year?

26th April 2021, 5:54 pm

How are you going to celebrate this year?

Take in an exhibition – IRL or virtual? Design a new cocktail and try it out on friends? Or a stay at home read-a-book, watch-a-movie kinda celebration?


Do your homework, finish your quizzes, and show us your favorite ToF “text” book!

8th May is fast approaching, and as it is with every year, we invite all of you to share in making something special take place. Celebrate the message within Tom’s art that “Gay is good”, and our inalienable right to be and to love freely, is endorsed by Mother Nature herself.

Plan something and please, please share it with us all on social media. We would all love to enjoy! Tag #TomOfFinland101

About Tom of Finland

ABOUT TOM OF FINLAND The Life of the Artist Tom of Finland is the artist name of Finnish Touko Laaksonen (1920, Kaarina – 1991, Helsinki). He signed his erotic work “Tom”, and when his drawings were first published in 1957, the now world-famous “Tom of Finland” was born. “Touko Laaksonen” was kept for family and… View Article

“TOM OF FINLAND: The Official Life and Work of a Gay Hero” releases

  Avant-garde, provocative, subversive and rebellious – Tom of Finland stamped history with his recognizable artistic style. A virtuoso of drawing, he fashioned the silhouette of a new Gay man – strong, confident, joyful and assertive – fully participating in the visibility and recognition of the nascent Homosexual movement. With text authorized by the artist… View Article

In NY for #TomOfFinland101!

  In celebration of the 100th anniversary of his birth, Fotografiska in collaboration with Tom of Finland Foundation produced The Darkroom, an exciting study in artist Tom of Finland’s (born Touko Laaksonen, 1920 – 1991) life and work process. The exhibition, curated by Berndt Arell, travels from Stockholm to New York in time for Tom of… View Article

Tom of Finland 101: Chapter Five Quiz

  In an event emblematic of the new Helsinki, the last of the bomb damage on the waterfront was replaced by a luxury hotel. It was rushed to completion so that it would be ready in time for the hordes of tourists expected for the 1952 Olympics. An elegant restaurant and bar opened on the… View Article

#TomOfFinland101 – Be one of Tom’s Men

On 8th May, one of the founding fathers of gay fetish, Tom of Finland, celebrates 101 years since his birth. The artwork Tom created, and the fetish men he envisaged, changed the way the entire world looked upon fetish and kink. By celebrating the male form in leather, uniform, sportswear, suits, and many other forms… View Article

A NEW LENS Tom of Finland’s Source Photography

  The story of how a former Finnish soldier turned advertising man named Touko Laaksonen with a self-taught gift for draftsmanship and a wild fantasy life went from penning gay pornography to instigating a cross-continental leather subculture to becoming a widely celebrated visual artist with a subversive and instantly recognizable visual aesthetic, is certainly one… View Article

Celebrating 101 years of Tom of Finland

    Tom of Finland taught us that we could be anything we want to be. He gave us a whole new vocabulary of what we could be. His life was a lesson in being the consummate Homosexual.  

Published: 26th April 2021


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