Tom of Finland documentary screens at “The Darkroom”

27th May 2021, 8:30 pm


TOM OF FINLAND Leather Brotherhood, 1982, Lithograph, AP 1, © 1982 Tom of Finland Foundation

Daddy and the Muscle Academy is the only film about Tom of Finland in which he himself appears. In it, the artist talks about his experiences during World War II and the motivation for his work. Other artists, such as Isaac Julien and Nayland Blake, describe the fascination that Tom’s fetishist world exerts on them. A comprehensive retrospective of his drawings is juxtaposed with images of an underground cinema quality in which bodies move like gladiators to darkly mechanical techno sounds. Tom of Finland’s subcultural icons deconstructed mainstream perceptions of male Homosexuals at the time; they still inspire the Queer community today to understand the body as political destiny, to adapt it to one’s own identity and make it visible.

“Daddy and the Muscle Academy” screening

16th Jun 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm –                               See it on the Big Screen! Tom of Finland is one of the major icons of the gay world. His provocative erotic drawings have had an enormous influence on gay identity, attitude and self-understanding. This ground-breaking work combines interviews with […]


Published: 27th May 2021

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