We Are Spastor launched its new collaboration with Tom of Finland

15th November 2021, 10:41 am


This collection is a limited edition jacquard knit twin set composed of a ’70s silhouette jumper and a scarf/ poncho featuring the iconic “biker head” Tom of Finland drawing.

Tom of Finland (Finnish, 1920-1991) is one of the most influential artists of the 20th century for the outstanding craftmanship of his drawing that redefined masculinity and the position of homosexual men in modern society… Someone who truly changed the queer culture with its proud, subversive, and joyful expression of sexuality that allowed him to become a powerful cultural force… A master draftsman.

Shown in Red Lobster. Also available in Pig Pink, Lime, Sea Blue and Emerald.

Each garment is made in the softest Italian yarn sourced from a Tuscan mill with a blend of kid mohair and a hand carding finished to create this charcoal drawing effect on the garment. Manufactured in the surroundings of Barcelona, in a workshop run by a young entrepreneur, each garment is carefully woven, produced down to the last detail, and hand labeled with the Tom of Finland + We Are Spastor special woven label made in 100% recycled polyester, supporting local production and maintaining a policy of social responsibility.

10% of each purchase will be donated to Tom of Finland Foundation for the preservation of the artist’s archive and legacy.






Tom of Finland + We Are Spastor

  We Are Spastor present their first collaboration with Tom of Finland in order to continue joining forces and supporting projects that are a source of inspiration and encouragement. The outcome is a limited edition jacquard knit twin set composed by a ’70s silhouette jumper and an oversized scarf featuring an untitled 1977 Tom of… View Article

Published: 15th November 2021

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