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10th August 2023, 5:55 pm



Beginning next week, Tom of Finland Foundation’s official Instagram account will be taken over by various #TOMair. After the success of our films4fags Q&A livestreams, we couldn’t be more excited to give our followers a look into the artistic process of our resident artists, an opportunity to ask questions, and a chance to see what it’s like living at TOM House.

Check out the schedule below:
Monday 14th August at 2:30p PDT – Oat Montien
Tuesday 15th August at 12p PDT – Jonathan David Smyth
Wednesday 16th August at 10a PDT – Felix D’Eon

Mark your calendars, give them each a follow, and join us at their scheduled time!











Meet Oat Montien, artist-in-residence

    “I was born in Bangkok’s Donmaung area in 1989. Just like other near-airport suburbs it always has brothels to accommodate lonesome travellers. My mother happened to run one; a very successful venture with more than 50 sex workers at its peak. Every last Friday of the month we would host a themed party… View Article
22 01 06 A i R Oat Montien sq

Meet Jonathan David Smyth, artist-in-residence

    “The idea of place and home has always been a central part of my artwork. To me, home isn’t really so much a physical place; it is a feeling of belonging. A wolf pack. A tribe. A posse.” – Jonathan David Smyth Jonathan David Smyth (b. 1987, Belfast, Northern Ireland) is an artist… View Article

Meet Felix D’Eon, artist-in-residence

    “My work explores the full range of the Queer experience, encompassing gender, ethnicity and race, body type, and erotic desire. “ – Felix D’Eon Felix d’Eon is a Mexican-American artist of mixed, Native descent, dedicated to the art of queer love and identity. His paintings, in vintage techniques which mimic Edwardian children’s books,… View Article

Published: 10th August 2023

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