“AllTogether” spotlight: STANLEY STELLAR

9th July 2023, 9:00 am


His His Also Pride NYC 1980

STANLET STELLAR Pride 097, 1980, Photograph

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The Alltogether Clubhouse, New York, 2023


STANLEY STELLAR (American, b. 1945)
A Brooklyn native, Stellar was educated at Parsons School of Design, where he focused on graphic design and photography. His photography has been exhibited in U.S. and European galleries, presented and discussed in over a dozen anthologies, and featured on the covers of 26 international magazines. He was a Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival participant.

I used to talk to people I met while walking down the street. I’ve found models on the subway. I have stood in the middle of the sidewalk with my camera waiting and watching the men who walk into me or walk away from me. Knowing who will respond to me and who won’t. Before the Internet, I placed ads in papers. Right now it’s mostly men I meet casually in my everyday life or online.

I am a portrait photographer. I think I shoot hot/cool, masculine, soulful and honest portraits of men based on what I see as each man’s individual visual strengths and poetry of body and gesture through my design and human vision. I try to make transcendent images of contemporary men.

I like it when someone takes a photograph that goes deeper than the surface. Something with a spark of life that is not a cliché. Strong photographs that truly come from a meaningful and individual place in the photographer, that turn me on and show me something, a way of visually letting me into seeing someone in a way that I haven’t seen before.

I’m a visually articulate person. My memory holds much of the visual history of the second half of the 20th Century. I’ve seen a lot of fine art, art history, painting, illustration, advertising images, anthropological photography, film, history of contemporary photography, posters, graphics, editorial magazine imagery, television, record covers, culture, style, porn, fashion, icons, logos, billboards, postcards, tattoos, typography and street life. -SS


In celebration of Pride Month, Glenn Martens’ Diesel has joined forces with Tom of Finland Foundation for an expansive capsule collection, for the second consecutive year. This time around, the crossover range celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community with a bevy of Tom of Finland’s signature hyper-masculinized illustrations, as well as fresh works from Tom of Finland’s erotic and queer art collective.

Artists, including Stanley Stellar, Michael Mitchell and Tom of Finland, spotlight Gay men in moments of “unabashed freedom and joy” across photography, drawings and various other mediums. Their work, curated by The Community, a multi-disciplinary, new-generation art institute in Paris, appears printed and patchworked across the collection’s 17 pieces, spanning T-shirts and tank tops to denim pants and jockstraps.

Mitchell’s erotic, pin-up-like illustrations appear printed on cotton patches for hoodies, and Tom of Finland’s Day & Night portraits are applied to T-shirts, tanks, shorts, a cap and a jockstrap. -Hypebeast

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“The AllTogether Clubhouse” Artists

The AllTogether Clubhouse Artists A. J. Epstein Stompers, 1978 Photograph on paper Unframed: 14″ (35.56 cm) x 11″ (27.94 cm) Tom of Finland Foundation Permanent Collection A.J. EPSTEIN (American, b. 1949) A photographer and artist. Since the late-1960s, he photographed LGBTQ communities and events. He has also worked as an art director and graphic designer… View Article
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