Tom of Finland Foundation Artist-in-Residence Program 2023

2nd February 2023, 2:03 pm


We are very excited to announce this year’s selections for the Tom of Finland Foundation Artist-in-Residence program. For those who applied but were not selected this year, we encourage every artist to reapply in the future. We are now accepting applications for 2024.

Tero Puha (Finland)
Konstantinos Menelaou (Greece)
Florian Hetz (Germany)

Toni Hervas (Spain)

Marval A Rex (Los Angeles)
David Gremard (Mexico)

Ton of Holland (The Netherlands)
Donald Shorter (Dallas)
Pol Anglada (Spain)

Meet Tero Puha, artist-in-residence

    “When modern man searches for his identity and the purpose of his life, he must confront the blurred line between natural and unnatural, and decide which side to exist in. This delicate balance acts as a source of inspiration for my art.” – Tero Puha Tero Puha is an award-winning photographer, visual artist… View Article

Meet Konstantinos Menelaou, artist-in-residence

    “I am Konstantinos Menelaou from Greece. I am a curious filmmaker and curator. Living, studying and working in London for 15 years shaped the way I feel, think and work. When London became impossible for organic creativity I moved to Athens, Greece. “I love Super-8 film; most of my films are experiments in… View Article

Meet Florian Hetz, artist-in-residence

    “After having lost so much of my memory, I am creating madeleine moments with my photographic work for myself and for the viewer, to activate long lost or suppressed memories. Growing up Gay as a child, I felt I wasn’t allowed to look or stare at the things and people I desired. My… View Article

Published: 2nd February 2023


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